Star Light, Star Bright

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Late at Night, Should be Sleeping

I wish it was that simple. Just go to bed and lay your head down and sleep. Just close your eyes and wait for the dreams to flow from your imagination. But night after night I am awake and sleep is the dream I long for. Soon the sun will make its appearance and I will doze lightly. Then his alarm will go off and I am awake again for the day.

Tomorrow (or today rather) will be better. I will travel and find my treasure at the end of my journey. There is love waiting for me there. The love that isn't at home anymore, but is slowly drifting away from my reach. The love that is calling me is small and sweet, delightfully honest, yet it too hurts deeply when I am wounded by its honesty. When did the greater of the two loves become the less desired by me? Why am I lonely and always thinking that there is something bigger and better out there?

The new day approaches and I must once again try for sleep that has eluded me tonight. I go to my bed with the hope that the sun of tomorrow will show compassion and forgivness toward a tired old soul and bring with it a new beginning.